Slynthy - Mitchell Cichocki

Sliding up and down on the grid (Y) controls volume. Sliding left and right (X) controls the pitch.

Three different settings:


Touch the preset name near the top to bring up the menu. Touch any preset name to load it.

To save the current state as a preset touch the '+' button and enter a name.

To remove a preset, open the preset panel, swipe to the right across the name of the preset you'd like to remove. A delete button will appear. Press the button to delete the preset.

Presets are stored in a file called "SlynthyPresets.plist" in the documents folder. This can be accessed through iTunes. You can export the list as a backup or import a different preset list from your computer.

Recording on Slynthy:

At any point press RECORD. The RECORD light will turn on and audio will be recorded to the file SlynthyRecording.wav.

Press RECORD again to stop recording.

After you have stopped recording you can press the LOAD LAST REC button to load the recording for playback.

Press PLAY to hear your recording. While your last recording is playing you can press RECORD and overdub your last recording.

This process can be repeated to layer and build on your recording.

The COPY FROM REC button will copy your last recording to the iOS clipboard. The audio can then be pasted into another app or even back into Slynthy.

If you have previously copied audio to the clipboard from another app pressing PASTE TO REC will paste it to Slynthy's recording file.

After pasting into Slynthy you must press LOAD LAST REC to cue the audio for playback.

The SlynthyRecording.wav file is also available for export in iTunes App File Sharing.

iPad screenshot

iPod/iPhone screenshot


Slynthy - Mitchell Cichocki